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Gold prices come down; black gold prices go up: OCBC Bank forecasts

SINGAPORE (June 23): As countries around the world are reopening their economies, despite the lack of a vaccine for the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), gold and crude oil prices could see contrasting

The gold standard: A beginner's guide to investing in gold

Investing 101

The gold standard: A beginner's guide to investing in gold

SINGAPORE (Apr 6): Gold has been regarded as a valuable commodity since the beginning of civilisation due to its beauty, sheen, and perceived value.


Goldman sees virus lifting gold to US$1,800 as 'last resort' haven

(Feb 27): Goldman Sachs Group Inc. boosted its gold forecast to US$1,800 ($2,514) an ounce as the coronavirus, depressed real rates and increased focus on the U.S.

Global Economy

Equity markets recover, but growth subdued by coronavirus

SINGAPORE (Feb 7): In spite of the novel coronavirus contagion, which continues to spread and claim lives, equity markets are starting to recover.


Gold prices hit seven year high, set to shine brighter amid uncertainties

SINGAPORE (Jan 17): In the second half of last year, investors sought refuge in safe haven assets as macroeconomic uncertainties and market turmoil continued.

Global Economy

Missiles strike, concerns spike

The US has reignited geopolitical tensions with Iran, even as the trade war with China goes on.


Gold makes headway above US$1,500 on path to best year since 2010

(Dec 27): Gold rose for a fourth straight session, topping US$1,500 ($2,031) an ounce and on course for its best annual gain since 2010.


Gold shines as geopolitical worries grow; coal slumps with call for green energy

SINGAPORE (Dec 20): With numerous industries around the world depending on the supply of minerals and metals, miners are pivotal to the global economy.


Golden allure

As macroeconomic and geopolitical conditions worsen, gold prices have rallied significantly. Will the precious yellow metal continue to shine?


China Hongxing ditches shoes for gold and copper as it attempts RTO with MMIH

SINGAPORE (Nov 25): Suspended for about eight years, and counting, China Hongxing Sports is a counter that its long-suffering minority shareholders have most likely written off.

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