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It's not who packs a bigger punch… but who can suffer the greater pain

SINGAPORE (Dec 20): The US and China two weeks ago reached an agreement on a “phase one” trade deal, which is slated to be signed in January after legal review and translation.

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Using option prices to predict stock returns: The role of price pressure on the stock market

SINGAPORE (Oct 14): The concept and use of financial options have existed for centuries.

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The stock market is a market for stocks

(May 6): We know that the world’s stock markets are correlated and move in lockstep, especially during periods of heightened volatility and uncertainties.

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Which of the major stock markets are 'cheap' going into 2018?: Schroders

SINGAPORE (Dec 28): Global investors should beware the temptation to simply compare a valuation metric for one region with that of another, according to global investment manager Schroders.

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