Global Review

Global review

What's happening to the European market?

With the weakening of the foreign currency, European stocks’ prices are now discounted compared to their values six months ago
The key to truly sustainable electric vehicles - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Global review

The key to truly sustainable electric vehicles

It is important to acknowledge the limited investability, not just today but likely also in the future.
Asia emerging stronger than ever in the post-pandemic world - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Global review

Asia emerging stronger than ever in the post-pandemic world

There are some more powerful underlying drivers of Asia’s rising economic contribution and the ‘great eastward shift’.

Global review

What valuations and narratives tell us about the current regime shift

In 2020, global debt has grown to U$24 trillion and now stands at 355% of world GDP. Now, new priorities are emerging.

Global review

Are global listings the next big step forward for Southeast Asia's tech companies?

Some of the Southeast Asia unicorns are also said to be considering dual listings in their local markets and the US market.

Global review

Are US small caps really a reliable economic barometer?

In the aftermath of an economic recession, small-cap stocks typically outperform large-cap stocks.

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Why it's time to diversify your Emerging Market exposure: Eastspring

History tells us that the rotation to value tends to be hard and fast. Investors may want to get prepared.

Global review

Investing in Asia: Time to turn defensive?

Korean exports — an important barometer for global demand — in the first 20 days of August indicated a slowing of momentum.

US Economy

Around the curve: Dollar outlook dims

Revenue disappeared overnight as the world went into lockdown during March and April, and the impact was indiscriminate.

Global Economy

As the US and China edge towards trade war, will cooler heads prevail?

SINGAPORE (July 30): Amid rumblings of a potential full-blown trade war, it is important to understand why the current US administration has opted for this path, which in some states in the country is seen as politically attractive.