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Economic and financial crashes, like taxes and death, are NOT inevitable

SINGAPORE (Feb 21): We are always told that we cannot escape taxes, death and economic and financial collapses. But are they, like gravity, truly a law of nature that cannot be overcome? 

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Time to encourage share buybacks

SINGAPORE (Jan 17): There is a huge gap between the use of share buybacks as a means of returning surplus cash to shareholders in the US and in Malaysia and Singapore. Why is this so?

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Tweeting UP the market

SINGAPORE (Jan 10): US President Donald Trump is a prolific tweeter. That much we already know.

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Global portfolio gained 48% in 2019

SINGAPORE (Jan 3): Alpha investing, or value investing, works. We proved it. But it is indeed hard work. It has been just over two years now since we started the Global Portfolio on Dec 18, 2017.

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It's not who packs a bigger punch… but who can suffer the greater pain

SINGAPORE (Dec 20): The US and China two weeks ago reached an agreement on a “phase one” trade deal, which is slated to be signed in January after legal review and translation.

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The inevitability in numbers

SINGAPORE (Dec 13): Last week, we wrote about our investment thesis for Alibaba Group Holding, China’s leading e-commerce player, and why we like the stock for its long-term potential that is under

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Labour is lowly paid but not underpaid in Malaysia

(May 13): With the one-year anniversary of the Pakatan Harapan-led government now in the rear-view mirror, one thing is certain — much more remains to be done.

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We are adding three US consumer-related stocks based on our contrarian view

(Apr 12): Last week, I talked about why US consumers may well be the key driver for near-term global growth, contrary to widely held views.

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Stock options can be made to better align management with shareholders… but not the conventional kind

SINGAPORE (June 4): Last November, I wrote an article questioning whether existing stock option plans were good for shareholders.

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The perception and consequences of rent-seeking

SINGAPORE (May 21): The Malaysian stock market reacted far better than initial prognoses by most market analysts, on the heels of the shocking — though not wholly unexpected, if the mini rally for

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