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Is the financials sector priced for disruption?

SINGAPORE (July 25): Low interest rates are one reason why the financials sector is lowly valued, and the prospect of disruption may be another.

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Singapore has a shipping rival less than 30 kilometres away

SINGAPORE (Feb 1): Indonesia wants to re-position its Batam island as an alternative shipping and manufacturing hub to Singapore with a potential to draw US$60 billion ($80.8 billion) in new invest


Turkey-led emerging markets rout won't end as well as the Asian financial crisis

SINGAPORE (Aug 20): It has been a dramatic week for emerging markets — in particular, Turkey.

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Increased volatility and higher yields part of package that comes with market normalcy: DBS

SINGAPORE (Feb 7): Don't panic, markets are simply showing signs of normalcy with more volatility and higher yields despite ongoing bouts of risk aversion, says DBS.


Synchronised global economic growth papering over the risks

SINGAPORE (Dec 25): This time last year, I was warning that stocks were headed for a turbulent 2017 because of rising interest rates, geopolitical turmoil and technological disruption.

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The markets in 2018 will leave investors in a state of confusion: Jupiter Asset Management

SINGAPORE (Dec 22): The market behaviour in 2018 will continue to leave economists and investors puzzled, just as similar to the last 12 months, according to Edward Bonham Carter, vice-chairman of

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Global Markets

Will ETFs wreak havoc to Emerging Markets if flows reverse?

SINGAPORE (Aug 18): Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have helped power the emerging markets (EM) rally this year but their heft and influence is now a cause of concern as the damage could be as severe

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Stay focused on underlying economics, not politics-driven market dips: Manulife

SINGAPORE (May 25): Global markets continued to rally in April following Emmanuel Macron’s landslide victory in the French presidential election.

Mobius says low market volatility is tied to social media

(May 11): Mark Mobius has a left-field theory on why volatility in global stock markets is so low.

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Japan leads Asia-Pacific peers in embracing digital era of finance

SINGAPORE (Feb 27): While 87% of investment providers in Asia Pacific agree that digital transformation is important for the future of their organisation, few of them are on track to become digital

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