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Singapore's emergence as a 'Smart Financial Centre'

SINGAPORE (May 22): In 2015, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced the “Smart Financial Centre” plan as part of the Smart Nation vision for Singapore, designating the financial sector

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Asian stocks to continue providing good value in tough year ahead: T Rowe Price

SINGAPORE (Nov 22): Global growth is expected to moderate as stimulus tailwinds weaken and output gaps close but tactical opportunities can still be identified in unfavoured assets and emerging mar

Seven questions on corporate bonds answered

SINGAPORE (Mar 22): Investors face a constant dilemma over which assets, such as shares, bonds and property, to invest in. The answer is often that a mix of assets can help meet your goals.

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Panic selling a window to start accummulating

(Feb 12): The panic selling in global equities resumed after a brief reprieve on Feb 6.

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3 reasons for the global equity rally to continue despite rising rate fears

SINGAPORE (Feb 6): Global equities may have corrected over the past week on inflation and rates concerns, but this does not herald the start of a bear market, says the CIO office of DBS Bank.

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The eight-year bull market may be ageing but it ain't slowing down yet: Citi

SINGAPORE (Oct 5): Citi Research says the eight-year bull market may be ageing but it ain’t over yet, forecasting a 10% gain for global equities by end 2018.


Global equities: Don't panic, its pure organic

SINGAPORE (May 19): The correction in global equities we warned of last week appears to have started. Don’t panic though. We don’t expect a meltdown.

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A little less conversation, a little more action, Mr President please?

SINGAPORE (April 3): Global equities will likely correct in 2Q17 as doubts over Donald Trump’s ability to steer the world’s largest economy boil over.


Time for caution, warns BlackRock

SINGAPORE (June 1): BlackRock has downgraded global equities to "neutral".

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