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Tharman shares hard truths to keep the post-Covid economy going

The first half of 2020 has been a life and death struggle for the global economy, as governments and central banks pulled out all the stops to prevent societies and economies collapsing under the w

Global Economy

Finance cannot thrive in a muzzled world

(July 22): The press has rarely been under attack as it is today. Hong Kong’s new national security legislation has chilled reporting in a territory that was long a beacon of free speech.

Global Economy

Covid-19 pandemic 'biggest crisis' in last 70 years, y-o-y recovery may have to wait till 2021, says DBS CEO Gupta

SINGAPORE (July 21): DBS Group CEO Piyush Gupta says the global outbreak is the “single biggest crisis” he has seen, because it is a “very human crisis”.

Global Economy

Finding genuinely defensive ways to diversify portfolios

(July 17): Like many things in life, “defensive” assets do not always behave as promised. But these are particularly unusual times.

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More stimulus may not work against global risks, warns Minister Chan

(15 July): The biggest economic uncertainty Singapore faces is something it can’t control -- global demand for its goods and services -- and in that case, additional government stimulus may not be

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Over 75% of Southeast Asia companies intend to divest in repositioning for growth: EY

SINGAPORE (July 15): A large proportion of companies in Asia Pacific say they are planning to divest to reposition for growth, according to the EY 2020 Global Corporate Divestment Study.

Global Economy

Asia's economies may not be able to handle a second wave of total lockdowns

(July 14): Second waves of coronavirus outbreaks may not mean reimposing blanket restrictions on activity in Asia.

Global Economy


Quoteworthy: "Donald learned long ago how to pick his targets." — Mary Trump, niece of the US president, in her upcoming tell-all family memoir, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My

Global Economy

How much upside for the global economy?

SINGAPORE (July 9): In recent days, renewed concerns have been expressed about the recovery in the global economy as the number of new Covid-19 infections in the United States, India and Brazil sur

Global Economy

The global fiscal outlook: This time is not different

(July 9): The speed and magnitude of the globally synchronised deterioration in public finances is among the many unprecedented developments over the past six months.

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