Generation Z (Gen Z)

What do millennials and Gen Z want? - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Future of the economy

What do millennials and Gen Z want?

As investors, consumers and workers, what do Singapore’s youth want from the markets and their offices?

Investing 101

Gen Z Singaporeans found to be better at saving money and budgeting than millennials

Most Gen Zs (39%) cited retirement as the reason for their savings, while millennials (45%) largely sought financial freedom.


What's in a name?

The formula of relying on brand name to influence the hearts (and wallets) of the younger generation may no longer be enough to weather through fashion’s toughest year yet.

Careers & Training

Will the gig economy take over as Singapore's Gen Z workforce matures?

SINGAPORE (Apr 20): Singapore’s Generation Z (Gen Z) workers, namely those born between 1995 and 2009, are more likely to seek temporary employment over permanent full-time positions than all other age groups in the city state.

Recruiters shift focus from millennials as ‘Gen Z’ talent enter Singapore’s workforce

SINGAPORE (July 11): Generation Z – those born between 1997-2010, otherwise known as Gen Z – now make up 30% of Singapore’s resident population with the vast majority of them entering the local workforce.