Celebrate the birth of our nation with parades, fireworks and concerts. But most of all — with all things local. So, here is a special guide to local companies, products and collaborations.

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Authentically ours

The Merlion charms

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SINGAPORE (June 26): Die-hard Disney  fan

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping

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SINGAPORE (Mar 27): The classic

This week, we showcase some of the finest and elegant pieces to hit the market


Make Time

SINGAPORE (Feb 14): This week, we showcase some of the finest and elegant pieces to hit the market

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Rolling good time

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A touch of home

SINGAPORE (Aug 12): Celebrate National Day with items inspired by all things local.

200 years in the making


Tough act to follow

When G-Shock watches were launched about 30 years ago, Casio did not expect the business to become the huge phenomenon that it is today.


Shock waves

Emotional resonance is now an integral part of G-Shock’s design DNA, says its chief designer Ryusuke Moriai on the 35th anniversary of the iconic watch

3 chances to guess and win a limited edition anniversary G-Shock watch

SINGAPORE (Sept 20): Casio G-Shock Singapore kicked off its 35th anniversary celebrations with its new #WetheGs campaign last week, beginning with the first of a three-part movie series on its


Casio Celebrates NDP2017!

(Aug 1): We all know a good deal when we see one, and this is a GREAT deal.