Singapore ranked 'below average' as investor-friendly fund market; fees and expenses the weak spot

SINGAPORE (Sept 18): Singapore is seen as a place where a wide-ranging array of investment products ranging from shares and bonds to gold and property are widely available and easily accessible.

However, the republic is not as investor-friendly it comes to fees and expenses incurred when buying funds, according to a recent study by Morningstar Inc, the provider of independent investment research.

UOB Venture Management launching second Asia impact fund in 2H

SINGAPORE (June 10): UOB Venture Management (UOBVM) says it intends to roll out its second impact fund, the second series of the Asia Impact Investment Fund (AIIF II), to global institutional and accredited investors in 2H19.

Focused on Asia, the AIIF II will be a double bottom-line fund that aims to achieve both impact and financial returns. It intends to take minority stakes in investee companies, with equity investments ranging from US$1 million to US$15 million ($1.4 million to 20.5 million) each.

2019 will be a banner year for private markets, says BlackRock

SINGAPORE (Jan 7): Private markets are set to become particularly popular this year as institutional investors turn to private markets to mitigate risks amid rising concerns about a downturn in the economic cycle.

Based on BlackRock’s annual survey of global institutions, over half (56%) of the fund manager’s clients stated that the possibility of the cycle turning as one of the most important macro risks influencing their rebalancing and asset allocation plans.

The fine line between 'greenwashing' and sustainable investing

SINGAPORE (Dec 28): With sustainable investing expected to see greater interest from investors, particularly with the introduction of more products, the next few years are crucial for the sector not to slip into what observers term “greenwashing”.

This means fund managers and businesses may advocate ESG or impact goals, but do not follow through with them or measure them.

The industry is particularly susceptible to this because there are no universal definitions of sustainable investing.

Clearbridge BioMedics receives $6.6 mil in pre-IPO funding ahead of targeted 4Q launch

SINGAPORE (June 28): Clearbridge BioMedics has announced $6.6 million in pre-initial public offering (IPO) funding from oncology medical professionals, as well as investors focused in healthcare & biotechnology.

The company expects to launch its IPO in 4Q18.

In a Thursday announcement, the clinical stage cancer diagnostics company says it intends to use its latest round of funds for business expansion, technology development, talent recruitment and IPO-related expenses to develop end-to-end cancer diagnostic tests.

After sudden rout, China stock traders question Beijing put

SHANGHAI/HONG KONG (Nov 24): What happened to Beijing put?

That’s what investors in China are asking themselves after a gauge of large-cap shares plunged 3% on Thursday, rattling a market that’s grown accustomed to state support when losses get extreme. While there were signs over the past week that the government was looking to cool gains in high-flying shares like Kweichow Moutai Co. -- along with concerns over rising corporate bond yields -- the severity of Thursday’s slump caught some traders off guard.

Balanced funds not so balanced after all: Tong's view

(Aug 21): Actively managed funds have been getting the thumbs down from nearly all quarters.

Investors have certainly made their stance known, taking money out of active funds (especially those with comparatively high expense ratios/fees) and piling into passive/index-linked funds, including exchange-traded funds. Globally, ETFs, with their very low fees, have grown exponentially — from US$807 billion in 2007 to US$4 trillion ($5.46 trillion) today.


Why this fund’s 256,766% return still doesn’t beat the market

(Aug 18): Kevin Beatty can take the long view on investing. Ninety-three-years-long, to be exact.

From his perch in Boston, Beatty co-manages the oldest mutual fund in America, if not the world. Opened in the Roaring Twenties, when Calvin Coolidge was president, the Massachusetts Investors Trust has weathered 16 recessions, roughly 20 bear markets and worse.

What it hasn’t done is beaten the stock market over the long haul.

Aberdeen launches new retail unit trusts in Singapore

SINGAPORE (July 18): Aberdeen Asset Management has announced the launch of five of its funds in Singapore, including its first multi-asset funds in the nation.

In an announcement on Tuesday, the investment arm of Aberdeen Group says they are the group’s first Luxembourg-domiciled funds to be available direct to retail investors in Singapore, under the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) recognised scheme.

The new funds invest in areas such as catastrophe bonds, aircraft leasing and corporate loans. These are typically accessed via closed-end structures, says Aberdeen.

To win in emerging markets, avoid the passive investing rush

LONDON (July 13): When Robert Marshall-Lee started running an emerging-market equity fund six years ago, he decided the only way to withstand the surge in passive investing strategies was to stop paying attention to them.

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