FTSE Straits Times Index (FSSTI)

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Gold ETF a safe haven for portfolio diversification: SGX's Howie

SINGAPORE (June 5): When global stock markets suffered the selldown earlier this year, not all asset classes endured the same fate.

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Weakness ahead as short-term indicators fall

SINGAPORE (May 22): During the week, the Straits Times Index, which closed at 2,499 on May 22, fell below its declining 50-day moving average at 2,532.

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More support packages expected to be introduced by DPM on May 26: CGS-CIMB

SINGAPORE (May 20): Ahead of the reopening of Singapore’s economy on June 2, CGS-CIMB Research expects more government support packages to help businesses and individuals to weather through the nov

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Short term indicators could destabilise market

SINGAPORE (May 15): During the week, the Straits TImes Index was unable to move above its declining 50-day moving average.

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STI's upward crawl to continue

SINGAPORE (May 8): The Straits TImes Index is at an interesting juncture.

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Time for STI to gain strength against SPX

SINGAPORE (May 1): The US market had one of its best months in the past 30 years in April. However, May could turn out to be more volatile.

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STI flails as volume evaporates

SINGAPORE (April 24): The Straits Times Index has sunk below its breakout level of 2,561. The breakout took place in mid-April but the subsequent rise was not able to garner volume.

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STI breaks out of minor resistance, setting upside target

SINGAPORE (April 17): Chart breakouts show potential. Sometimes we never get to the potential. Still, for the Straits Times Index, there is good news, and bad news.

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S&P 500 stages minor breakout, STI poised for breakout

SINGAPORE (April 9): The chart pattern of the S&P500 (SPX) which closed at 2,749 on April 8 shows that it has broken out of a minor resistance at 2,630.

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STI rebound fails but establishes resistance at 2,561

SINGAPORE (April 4): The rebound that took place in the week of March 23–27 failed to get past 2,561 reached on March 27, establishing this as a resistance level.

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