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Sea Limited co-founder becomes Singapore's richest person with US$20 bil fortune

Sea Limited's Forrest Li is now worth US$19.8 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

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Sea is in troubled waters

With a stock price that is 30x FY2019 revenue, is Sea, the creator of Free Fire mobile game, nothing but a one-trick pony?
Sea and IMDA to create 500 tech job opportunities in partnership - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Sea and IMDA to create 500 tech job opportunities in partnership

The programme will benefit 500 Singaporeans comprising 400 entry-level and 100 mid-career jobseekers.

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Quoteworthy: “This can’t be another woulda, coulda, shoulda election. No matter what, vote.” –— Hilary Clinton, who is urging Americans to make their views count at the ballot box.

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SEA Ltd gains another 9% after doubling revenue

Sea’s total revenue rose to US$882 million ($1.20 billion) in the three months ended June, driven by growth at e-commerce platform Shopee and gaming arm Garena.


How Singapore nurtured foreign trio who became billionaires

David Chen left his native China as a teenager to attend school in Singapore. Little did he know that his adopted city would help him reach the ranks of the ultra-rich.

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The world's hottest stock is a money-losing tech giant soaring 880%

It gets far less attention than Tesla, the FAANGs or even the Robinhood flavour of the week. Yet Sea Ltd. has quietly become the world’s best-performing large-cap stock.
DBS and Sea: Two ends of a barbell?

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DBS and Sea: Two ends of a barbell?

Sea offers growth potential in Fintech while DBS offers yield and stability


Sea, another Temasek-linked company, joins digital bank licence bid

Sea Limited, which started as an online gaming company, is going solo in its bid for a digital full bank license here in Singapore, targeting millennials and SMEs.The bid by the New York-listed company, marks the entry of yet another bidder which counts

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A new billionaire emerges from Singapore gaming powerhouse Sea

(March 1): Free Fire is a world unto itself. More than 40 million players log on each day to find weapons and battle it out till one character’s left standing.