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The ringgit will do a lot better with the ‘right’ stories

A plausible story can triple current account surplus and double net forex reserves.


Why 'last look' needs a new look

It is imperative for the FX industry to shift its perspective on the “last look” controversy.


Ringgit’s fall to 26-year low sparks Bank Negara's verbal reply

'The recent performance of the ringgit, similar to other regional currencies, has been influenced by external factors'

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What determines the exchange rate and is the ringgit fundamentally undervalued?

Yes, there are valid reasons for keeping interest rates low, but they come at a cost.

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Arguments for keeping domestic interest rates relatively low

But keeping interest rates low comes at a price … There’s no free lunch in economics.


Singapore dollar is new short as Asian haven falls from favour

The bearish tilt for the Singapore dollar is a complete turnaround from last year

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With a yen for bargain, will Japan be the dark horse of 2023?

Instead of visiting the ski slopes of Hokkaido, investors here can consider stocks with exposure to Japan

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Ravi Menon urges restraint on forex intervention

"If the dollar appreciates much more rapidly than this, then yes, we do have to be concerned."


SGX launches platform that offers investors access to multiple sources of over-the-counter FX liquidity

SGX FX is Asia’s most comprehensive marketplace for global FX futures and over-the-counter (OTC) participants.


AUDUSD: Strong macro and bullish technical indicators

With inflation soaring to new highs, there are some indications investors should look to derive AUD/USD price action