Forest City


Country Garden's Forest City to get new tax breaks, Anwar says

The project has been beset by challenges.


Foreigners not welcome as Malaysia joins property clampdown

(Aug 29): Hanging a "foreigners not welcome" sign on a giant real estate development, Malaysia’s prime minister this week appeared to add to housing curbs around the world fueled by soaring home prices and populist politics.


No Chinese belt, road or bedrooms for Malaysia

(Aug 29): Perplexed, wounded, indignant or still optimistic. The Chinese developer Country Garden Holdings Co. can put any spin it wants on its Forest City project, a US$100 billion ($136.4 billion) Malaysian township whose fate suddenly has been thrown i


Shattuck-St. Mary's School: A prestigious American boarding school now in Johor

(Aug 27): Parents today demand quality education for their children. This has given rise to the establishment of numerous premier private schools in Malaysia. Those looking for world-class American education will be pleased to welcome the prestigious Sha

Builder of $136 bil Malaysia City looks beyond spooked Chinese buyers

(Aug 7): Country Garden Holdings Co. said it’s looking to attract customers from countries such as Thailand and Vietnam as some Chinese buyers hit by capital controls have pulled back from the US$100 billion ($136 billion) Forest City project in souther

Chinese-built US$100 bil city near Singapore ‘scares everybody’

(Nov 22): The landscaped lawns and flowering shrubs of Country Garden Holdings Co.’s huge property showroom in southern Malaysia end abruptly at a small wire fence. Beyond, a desert of dirt stretches into the distance, filled with cranes and piling towe