Manchester United saga ends with US$1.3 billion Ratcliffe deal

The decision from the Glazers to keep hold of the club will almost certainly anger fans


Manchester United shareholders are as unhappy as its fans

The Glazers’ stubborn confidence in the value of their faded franchise also takes some explaining


Messi: King of football, just a pawn in a power game

With life’s ambition box well and truly ticked, living in “happy-ever-after land” remains elusive for Messi
United sale could be a tipping point for football - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


United sale could be a tipping point for football

Almost all the money and power in football is now in the hands of a few whose greed knows no bounds and selective respect for rule


Markets cheer European Super League amid outrage at "closed shop"

While seen as an anti-competitive move by Europe's biggest clubs, markets anticipate profits from the European Super League.


Long live the king

The religion of football is not without its deities and Pele is indisputably one of them. In conjunction with the 2018 FIFA World Cup 1 Year to Go countdown at Russia’s iconic Red Square, Options was in Moscow to meet with the icon, who is ambassador an