Disruption and Digitalisation

Singapore among world's top digital economies but ranks worst at meeting psychological needs: Survey

SINGAPORE (April 4): Despite widespread utility of digital services across the globe, a range of basic, self-fulfillment and psychological needs are still failing to be met, suggests a recent surve

Management & Corporate Governance

How much will it cost Singapore bosses to hire skilled talent in 2030?

SINGAPORE (June 21): By 2030, Singapore can expect to pay an extra US$29,065 ($39,600) per highly-skilled worker per year – representing a wage premium equivalent to about 10% of the city state’s 2

Singapore economy

Tech to continue driving Singapore's economy in the year ahead: KPMG

SINGAPORE (Dec 29): Singapore’s chief executive officers (CEOs) are the most confident in their country’s growth prospects as compared to their Asean peers, whom have broadly expressed muted confid

Hedge funds are being pushed to change. But is it a case of too little too late?

SINGAPORE (Nov 28): Hedge funds are facing increased pressure from investors to invest in non-traditional hedge fund products like real assets and private equity.

Does workplace gender equality exist? Singapore women don’t think so

SINGAPORE (Nov 2): Singaporean employees, especially the women, have indicated a noticeable sentiment of gender disparity at the workplace – more so than those in Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Singapore seen as worst APAC country for workplace gender equality

SINGAPORE (Oct 31): Gender disparity in Singapore’s workplace has yet to become a thing of the past.

4 ways the government can give a boost to SMEs: Chinese Chamber of Commerce

SINGAPORE (Oct 14): According to the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI)’s SME Survey 2016, restructuring and financing challenges are rising among Singapore’s business lan

Why aren’t enough SMEs innovating?

SINGAPORE (Aug 15): “Innovation is the driving force of the sustainable growth of the nation and enterprises,” said Thomas Chua, president of Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (S

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