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Five trends that will shape Asia's financial services industry in 2022 - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Five trends that will shape Asia's financial services industry in 2022

What should APAC financial institutions do to help develop a more digital, connected, inclusive and sustainable world?


MAS launches $125 mil package for financial institutions and fintech firms

MAS launches a $125 mil support package to help local financial institutions and fintech firms


What the near future holds for global fintech firms & investors: McKinsey

SINGAPORE (Dec 18): With financial technology (fintech) evolving considerably over the last few years, fintech investors will have to be increasingly selective in deploying their capital as some sectors and companies approach a “possible endgame”, sug

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Are we headed for another recession?

SINGAPORE (Sept 7): The outcome of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has altered the business and economic landscape — for better or worse.

MAS orders financial institutions to tighten verification processes in wake of SingHealth cyberattack

SINGAPORE (July 24): The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has ordered banks and other financial institutions to tighten their customer verification processes.


Financial M&A deals in Asia Pacific to hit $161 bil in 2018: Baker McKenzie

SINGAPORE (Mar 26): Baker McKenzie is forecasting for Asia Pacific’s financial merger and acquisition (M&A) deals to hit US$122.7 billion ($160.9 billion) this year, coming in only after Europe and North America at the projected deal values of US$195.7

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MAS unveils transformational roadmap for data collection processes

SINGAPORE (Mar 14): The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is implementing a number of measures from its new transformational roadmap for its data collection approach from financial institutions.


Criminals are now creating non-existent identities to conduct fraud, survey finds

SINGAPORE (Feb 7): While prevention technologies have managed to deter identity fraud activities such as card skimming, criminals are now beginning to steal identities or even constructing entirely new ones to obtain real credit cards from banks.


5 key Artificial Intelligence applications in the financial services industry

SINGAPORE (Dec 6): Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based applications are making its way into every area of our lives today, playing very important roles.

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What's keeping local SMEs from obtaining business financing?

SINGAPORE (Oct 4): A majority of small medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore are unlikely to qualify for business financing, according to recent data from Linkflow Capital.