Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat

Budget 2019

Greater healthcare assurance; additional $3.1 bil set aside for healthcare subsidies and support

SINGAPORE (Feb 18): As more Singaporeans enter their senior years, healthcare needs to grow, according to finance minister Heng Swee Keat in his Budget 2019 speech.

Budget 2019

Encouraging strong partnerships within Singapore and across the world

SINGAPORE (Feb 18): To support industry transformation, Budget 2019 will continue to support deep partnerships among companies within Singapore and across the world.

Singapore Budget

Singapore plans to focus on health, infrastructure in Budget 2019

(Jan 23): Singapore’s finance minister said next month’s budget will focus on infrastructure spending, health care for an aging population, and helping businesses transition to a digital economy.

Singapore Budget

Singapore central bank gets a trigger for tightening

(Feb 22): Singapore’s government may have given the central bank a green light to charge ahead with monetary policy tightening this year.

Singapore Budget

Higher home buyer tax seen cooling Singapore's collective sales frenzy

SINGAPORE (Feb 20): Singapore's move on Monday to raise stamp duty on expensive home purchases is likely to dampen the recent wave of redevelopment sales in the city-state's recovering property market, analysts said.

Singapore Budget

Singapore Budget 2018: Matching more problems with more money

(Feb 20): Singapore’s budget on Monday was all about boosting government revenue through higher taxes in order to pay for rising spending needs.

Singapore Budget

Top marginal buyer's stamp duty for residential properties raised to 4%

SINGAPORE (Feb 19): In the latest Budget 2018, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat said that the government will be raising the top marginal buyer's stamp duty (BSD) rates for residential properties to 4% from 3%, and applied on the value of residential p

Government revises Proximity Housing Grant (PHG) criteria to within 4km

SINGAPORE (Feb 19): Families are encouraged to live near each other in the latest Budget 2018.


Singapore charts path for growth as globalisation mood darkens

SINGAPORE (Feb 9): Singapore unveiled a set of strategies that reinforce its long-standing commitment to economic openness, as the trade-dependent nation seeks to drive growth in the next decade after a “dark shift in mood away from globalisation”.

Yahoo! Guess which were the top business stories in 2016?

SINGAPORE (Dec 12): Yahoo has revealed the top search trends, happenings and events that Singapore’s Internet users were captivated by in its 2016 Year in Review (YIR).