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Will Covid-19 spell the end of Asia's family businesses?

Things will get worse for these family businesses as bank and government support is slowly withdrawn.

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Singapore gets new multifamily office with launch of Envysion

Envysion will provide a range of services to clients from helping them structure deals to lifestyle offerings such as yacht and private jet charters.

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Family affairs

Billionaires are being minted at a slower pace in Asia, but the demand for professionals to manage their wealth remains strong, as contingencies have to be considered. Are family offi ces able to provide the much-needed service?

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Tolaram family office becomes fund management company, invests based on ESG principles

SINGAPORE (Dec 13): Like all family offices, the Tolaram Group family office, which manages the wealth of the Vaswani family, has its own investment arm. But since obtaining a capital markets services (CMS) licence in February, the Tolaram Group family of

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CSOP aims to fill product gap with its family office offerings

SINGAPORE (Dec 13): Hong Kong-based CSOP Asset Management set up an office in Singapore just two months ago. As part of its asset management services, CSOP wants to service both family offices as well as its own family office set-up.

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UOB launches 'The Business Circle' to help next-generation leaders of family businesses fast track growth

SINGAPORE (Sept 11): United Overseas Bank (UOB) on Wednesday launched The Business Circle, an initiative to prepare the next generation leaders of Asia’s family-led firms to run their businesses.

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SMU survey highlights challenges for family businesses to grow and secure capital

SINGAPORE (Aug 17): A new survey on Singapore family businesses reveals that these businesses found it challenging to grow in spite of Singapore’s small market size. 

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Local family businesses ready to embrace next-gen technologies, but less confident in talent: SAP

SINGAPORE (Feb 28): Local family businesses are most confident in utilising data analytics to drive their business success, as they prepare to put aside their traditional business models to meet future challenges with next-generation technologies.

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Succession & forward planning remain key challenges for local family businesses: PwC

SINGAPORE (Nov 14): While family businesses in Singapore are optimistic about growth and have a strong desire to keep their businesses in the family, few have ensured that plans are in place to achieve these objectives.