EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019

Staying ahead in a rapidly changing world

Max Loh, EY Singapore’s managing partner, is optimistic that there will be a steady pipeline of entrepreneurs. He believes the current downturn is a perfect time for entrepreneurs to transform and adapt to changing markets

SINGAPORE (Oct 14): In a dialogue on Sept 4 with students from the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong encouraged them to be more willing to try their hand at running their own businesses.


Riding the waves

Ron Sim, chairman of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year judging panel, brings together entrepreneurs for ‘massive’ growth plans at V3

SINGAPORE (Oct 14): As the world’s economy becomes increasingly digitalised, some old ways of doing business are being disrupted. Ron Sim, executive chairman of the V3 Group of Companies, muses over the fact that the new digital world has created many opportunities for entrepreneurs with the right ideas.


Passion drives growth

JustCo’s Kong Wan Sing turned down a Goldman Sachs job offer and went on to build a leading co-working space player

SINGAPORE (Oct 14): Joining Goldman Sachs straight out of school would have been a dream come true for many graduates, but one that Kong Wan Sing, founder and CEO of co-working space provider JustCo, chose to turn down.  

Instead, Kong, who graduated from New York University’s Stern School of Business, went on to start his first venture, an online equity research subscription business, at the peak of the dotcom bubble in the early 2000s.


Focusing on education

Ng Gim Choo of EtonHouse prioritises quality education for children over profits

SINGAPORE (Oct 14): When Ng Gim Choo’s family was in London, her daughter, E-Ching, would put on her school uniform and wait to be brought to kindergarten on Saturdays, only to be disappointed when she was told that school was closed for the weekend.


Translating hard work into success

Through instinct and blood, sweat and tears, David Lee of IYUNO Media Group grew his dubbing and subtitling business into a world leader

SINGAPORE (Oct 14): Watch a film or documentary in any language and there is a likelihood the subtitling and/or dubbing was done by ­IYUNO Media Group. Founded in 2002, the Singapore-based company translates Hollywood movies and over-the-top (OTT) service productions into 47 different languages. It deals with over 30,000 hours of content every month at its 15 branches globally.


Working hard, working smart

For Udenna’s Dennis Uy, building a business is about taking calculated risks and trying to disrupt

SINGAPORE (Oct 14): Dennis Uy, 46, always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. It was clear to him, even as a young boy, that he wanted to create something to serve consumers in any capacity. One could say it was in his blood.


David Lee of IYUNO named EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

Singapore (Oct 7): David Lee, CEO of IYUNO Media Group, was told that his business — providing dubbing and subtitling services for movies and videos — would not succeed in the US, especially since it was run by a non-American. That did not deter him. “Everyone told me, no way an Asian businessman can make it in the US,” he recalls in an interview with The Edge Singapore.


David Lee of IYUNO named EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

SINGAPORE (Oct 3): David Lee, CEO of IYUNO Media Group, was told that his business of providing dubbing and subtitling for movies and videos is one that won’t fly in the US, especially for a non-American. He wasn’t deterred. “Everyone told me, [there’s] no way an Asian businessman can make it in the US,” he recalls in an interview with The Edge Singapore.

One of these 5 will be named EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019 Singapore

SINGAPORE (Sept 3): Professional services organisation EY has announced the five recipients of its 18th EY Entrepreneur Of The Year (EOY) 2019 Singapore awards. They are:

• EY Entrepreneur Of The Year – Media and Entertainment

Ron Tan, Executive Chairman and Group CEO, of Cityneon Holdings, an experience entertainment company specialising in transforming customer and brand experiences, encompassing four independent yet integrated business divisions – Interior Architecture, Experiential Environments, Events and Exhibitions.

EY Singapore launches 18th edition of Entrepreneur Of The Year awards

SINGAPORE (Mar 22): The search has started for the 18th EY Entrepreneur Of The Year, as part of the bid to promote entrepreneurship and shape a new role model for the business community.

Ernst & Young LLP, organiser of the annual awards, observes that entrepreneurs in Singapore, and the world, have built some of the world’s most enduring companies. The businesses they build don’t just create employment and contribute to the GDP.

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