extraordinary general meeting (EGM)

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Axington's Obama-inspired EGM postponed; independent director resigns

The EGM that was supposed to herald the Barack Obama-inspired new strategic direction of NETX, to “embark on the next industrial revolution”, did not happen yesterday, August 27, as scheduled.


FLT, FCOT unitholders vote overwhelmingly in favour of merger to create $5.7 bil behemoth

SINGAPORE (Mar 11): The unitholders of both Frasers Logistics Trust (FLT) and Frasers Commercial Trust (FCOT) have approved the proposed merger of the two entities for a price tag of $1.54 billion.


Challenger founder Loo falls narrowly short in privatisation bid

SINGAPORE (June 27): Loo Leong Thye, the founder, executive director and chief executive officer of Challenger Technologies, has failed in his bid to voluntarily delist the consumer electronics ret

Corporate moves

Chew's Group seeking approval for name change and business diversification

SINGAPORE (Jan 9): Chew’s Group on Tuesday will hold an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to propose a company name change to OneApex, diversification of its business and adoption of the IPT (int

Alliance Mineral shareholders voted for Tawana acquisition, non-executive remuneration, dual listing

SINGAPORE (Sept 24): Alliance Mineral today announced the results of its extraordinary general meeting (EGM), which was held on Friday, Sept 21.

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Will VARD be able to convince its shareholders to say yes to it delisting?

SINGAPORE (May 11): VARD Holdings announced on May 10 that it would submit an updated draft circular for its delisting proposal to the Singapore Exchange for a review.

Broker's Calls

Does mDR warrant a second look ahead of expansion into new businesses?

SINGAPORE (Apr 24): NRA Capital says mobile phones distributor mDR could soon be more exciting, as it buys into future growth with a change in business direction.

Management & Corporate Governance

Questions remain ahead of Datapulse EGM

SINGAPORE (Apr 19): Datapulse Technology shareholders will decide Friday whether to keep the incumbent board and support its diversification plans, or to bring in new directors led by the dissentin

In print this week

Datapulse responds to Mak Yuen Teen

SINGAPORE (Apr 16): Datapulse Technology on Monday morning filed its response to the views of shareholder and corporate governance advocate Professor Mak Yuen Teen (MYT) of the NUS Business School.

Datapulse shareholders to vote on 10 resolutions at EGM on April 20 amid board tussle

SINGAPORE (Mar 26): Datapulse Technology is asking shareholders to vote on 10 resolutions at an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) on Apr 20.

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