Asia after the pandemic storm

SINGAPORE (June 19): The world has been battered by the coronavirus pandemic. Most economic activity has been suspended. The Asia Pacific region will not escape unscathed.

Global Economy

As Trump upends trade flows, no benefit felt yet from shift in global supply chains

SINGAPORE (Nov 25): Since the entry of China into the World Trade Organisation in 2001, national economies have been integrated into the global economy at an unprecedented pace.

Singapore economy

Singapore hasn't entered recession yet, minister says

(Oct 3): Singapore’s economy probably hasn’t slid into recession yet, though the government is monitoring conditions closely and will step in with support measures if needed, said Indranee Rajah, m

US-China trade war

China, US struggle to set meeting as tariffs erode trust

(Sept 3): Chinese and US officials are struggling to agree on the schedule for a planned meeting this month to continue trade talks after Washington rejected Beijing’s request to delay tariffs that

US-China trade war

China presented with three opportunities

(Aug 19): The release of three apparently disparate pieces of information last week combine to provide a better picture of China’s position in US President Donald Trump’s ongoing and erra

SE Asian economies

Signs of end to tech slump offer hope to Asia’s economies

(Aug 2): The worst may soon be over for an electronics slump that has dogged Asia’s export-driven economies.

Singapore economy

Trade war spurs recession risk in Singapore

SINGAPORE (July 25): The US-China trade war is threatening to drag export-reliant Singapore into a recession and aggravating underlying risks facing the former tiger economy.

US-China trade war

Trump says he'll decide on China tariffs after G-20

WASHINGTON (June 7): President Donald Trump said he’ll decide whether to enact tariffs on another $325 billion ($443.4 million) in Chinese imports after the Group of 20 summit at the end of the mon

Global Economy

China's responses have an impact on all investors

SINGAPORE (Jun 3): During the 19th century, China was a punching bag for Western powers.


Businesses expect long trade fight even after Trump

(Aug 20): Let's not get too excited in response to talks about talks among officials from the US and China.

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