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Singapore executives best placed in the region to take on disruption

SINGAPORE (July 19): Executives in Singapore are the most confident among Asia Pacific (APAC) countries in their companies’ readiness to take on marketplace disruptions, shows the latest research f

More Singapore workers worry about skill obsolescence rather than layoffs

SINGAPORE (May 4): Singapore’s workers, known for being highly skilled, are well aware and confident of their market power.

Weaker global economic climates drive banks into ‘protect & control’ mode

SINGAPORE (March 23): Given the potential implications of Brexit and US president Donald Trump’s financial deregulation efforts, banks around the globe are facing a surge of global economic uncerta

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What drives dealmakers in global telecommunications?

SINGAPORE (July 12): According to EY’s 14th biannual Telecommunications Global Capital Confidence Barometer report, 27% of global telco sector executives surveyed believe digitisation is the greate

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