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The dichotomy of words and actions on the ringgit

Why is there such a contrast between public articulation, by economists, analysts and the media, and the actions of smart money?

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What determines the exchange rate and is the ringgit fundamentally undervalued?

Yes, there are valid reasons for keeping interest rates low, but they come at a cost.


Singapore dollar may become rare global winner as MAS tightens

The risk for Singapore dollar bulls is that the MAS decides to keep its policy unchanged next month


Enjoy Europe without a trip to Changi

The Singapore dollar is now at an all-time high against the euro.

US-China trade war

US spares China from yuan-manipulator label amid trade war

WASHINGTON (Oct 18): The Treasury Department stopped short of declaring China a currency manipulator in its semi-annual report on foreign-exchange rates, averting an escalation of a trade war while serving notice that the US will closely watch the yuan af