Eric Cantona


Chasing dreams

SINGAPORE (Dec 17): More than 20 years have passed since Eric Cantona hung up his football boots and decided to become an actor, but most still cannot bring up his name without immediately being reminded of his former club Manchester United, the Premier L
Cantona (left) with Reginelli: To exceed the limits imposed on us by society or ourselves, we need to know how to surpass ourselves, to push further, to think and be different


Artist of different spheres

Football legend Eric Cantona is helping bespoke watchmaker Hautlence to score big in the design of unique timepieces.
David Beckham

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Why David Beckham is 'voting to Remain'

I played my best years at my boyhood club, Manchester United. I grew up with a core group of young British players that included Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and the Neville Brothers… Now that team might have gone on to win trophies but we were