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Oil prices to remain under pressure till 3Q, say analysts

SINGAPORE (Apr 24): The once-invincible black gold made history this week when it crashed into negative price territory, as sellers frantically signal that they are willing to pay buyers to rid the

Investing strategy

The power of curiosity

(Feb 21): Shanghai-based Singaporean Jenny Lee has invested in some of the most prominent technology companies in China in her almost two-decade career as a VC.

Global Economy

Equity markets recover, but growth subdued by coronavirus

SINGAPORE (Feb 7): In spite of the novel coronavirus contagion, which continues to spread and claim lives, equity markets are starting to recover.


Tech firms' turn to face regulatory mountain and consumers' ire; financial firms to outperform

SINGAPORE (Dec 27): The rapid growth of the technology sector, led by the FANG (Facebook, Amazon.com, Netflix and Alphabet’s Goog

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Why Asian family businesses continue to dominate markets

SINGAPORE (Sept 12): The financial performance of Asia’s family-owned businesses is far superior to their peers in terms of growth and profitability, finds a recent report published by the Credit S

US protectionism and China deleveraging pace big worries for Asian stock investors: BlackRock

(June 20): While economic fundamentals and earnings results remain strong, the MSCI AC Asia Pacific index has underperformed the MSCI AC World Index year to date. What has happened?


Why we should worry about rising interest rates

SINGAPORE (Jan 22): Even as equity markets across the world soar to new heights, the bond market has been sending a less exuberant signal.

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What to look for in equity markets as the business cycle ages

SINGAPORE (Sept 13): With the emergence of renewed geopolitical tensions, the upward incline of equity markets have come to a halt in August, even after a strong earnings season for 2Q.

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Volatility and risk are not the same thing

SINGAPORE (Aug 28): The recent spurt in volatility in equity markets should give investors pause.

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