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Focus more on equities and lesser on bonds for Asia Pacific investors: CGS-CIMB

CGS-CIMB analyst Lim Say Boon has advised investors in the Asia Pacific region to “overweight” equities and “underweight” bonds in their portfolio.

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The market is right about a stimulus-augmented V-shaped recovery

(June 12): Stock markets around the world have rallied hard from the lows in March, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic-driven selloff.

Global Economy

Wall Street heavyweights are sounding alarm about stock prices

(May 15): The biggest names in finance are coming around to a view that seemed unlikely a few weeks ago: Stocks are vastly overvalued.

Investing strategy

DBS CIO urges investors to stay the course; focus on 5G, infrastructure trends

SINGAPORE (Mar 26): In what has been one of the fastest sell-downs in history, the Covid-19 outbreak has single-handedly driven global equities to bear territories in the span of just a few trading

What to do during a stock market crash

Investing 101

What to do during a stock market crash

SINGAPORE (Mar 18): When the Covid-19 novel coronavirus caused a steep drop in the stock market, investors panicked.

US Economy

How different assets perform in an economic slowdown

(June 19): It appears that the US is entering the slowdown phase of the economic cycle. But what might that mean for returns across asset classes? And can a recession be avoided?

A dividend bonanza is set to hit investors in Australia

SYDNEY (Feb 4): Australian investors are set to receive a boost in dividend payouts this month as companies rush to avoid a looming overhaul of tax rules if there’s a change of government.

Private equity

2019 will be a banner year for private markets, says BlackRock

SINGAPORE (Jan 7): Private markets are set to become particularly popular this year as institutional investors turn to private markets to mitigate risks amid rising concerns about a downturn in the


Once among Asia's highlights, Malaysian stocks now set for two-year low

SINGAPORE (Dec 18): Just months ago, Malaysian stocks were among Asia’s highlights. Now they’re heading for some of the biggest monthly losses in the region.


3 reasons why tech is still in a secular uptrend

SINGAPORE (Apr 23): With FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) stocks retreating from their 2018 highs and tech valuations settling, how should global investors react?

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