Eneco Energy

New appointments

Eneco Energy appoints Ngo Yit Sung as executive director

Ngo was previously the executive director of TOTM Technologies till February 2023.

Deals, joint ventures & alliances

Eneco Energy Signs new domestic transportation contract with Asia Pacific Brewery

Eneco Energy signs contract with APB to transport beers in Singapore.

Regulatory Action

SGX RegCo flags Eneco Energy for further probes following independent review

Eneco Energy shares have been suspended from trading since March 9 2020.

Equity raising

Eneco Energy aims to raise $15.7 mil via placement

Eneco Energy is on SGX's watch list since Dec 4 2019

Management & Corporate Governance

Eneco Energy hires investigator to probe $3.9 mil payment

SINGAPORE (June 11): Eneco Energy, previously known as Ramba Energy, has decided to appoint an independent external reviewer to obtain satisfactory audit evidence or explanations regarding a certain payment of $3.9 million by a subsidiary of the company t