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Singapore scrutinises 47 firms on high percentage of foreign hires, 240 more to be investigated

Singapore intends to scrutinize more companies for suspected discriminatory hiring practices as the country seeks to ensure that its citizens are treated fairly in the employment and promotion proc


Singapore job offers canceled amid recession, recruiters say

Job seekers in Singapore are seeing signed employment contracts rescinded as businesses cut back on hiring during the pandemic-triggered recession, recruiters say.

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Financial stability should be central banking's prime objective

(Dec 27): Most modern central banks regard macroeconomic stability — meaning price stability or, in some cases, price stability alongside full employment — as their main goal.

Singapore economy

Singapore expected to dodge technical recession in 3Q even as economy stalls

SINGAPORE (Oct 3): Amid a stagnating economy and low core inflation, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is widely expected later this month to ease its monetary policy stance for the first t

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