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Emerging Markets

Bull case for emerging markets has one big caveat

(Nov 29): After a bruising 2018, emerging markets will probably be the place to make quick money next year.

Global Economy

5 major risks that could derail growth in 2019

SINGAPORE (Nov 27): The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has cut its 2019 growth forecasts for the global economy amid heightened geo-political risks on the horizon.

Global Economy

Global GDP growth to ease in 2019, dragged by emerging markets & China: Oxford Economics

SINGAPORE (Oct 18): Oxford Economics is anticipating a slowdown in global economic growth from this year’s 3.1% to 2.8% in 2019, a forecast that comes in slightly below consensus to reflect its pes

US-China trade war

Asian EMs better off than global peers, Singapore's Menon says

SINGAPORE (Sept 13): Emerging markets in Asia are in a stronger position than peers elsewhere because of solid economic growth prospects, low inflation and strong reserve buffers, said Singapore’s


Emerging markets rout presents buying opportunity, GIC CEO says

(Sept 6): The rout in emerging markets presents a potential buying opportunity, according to the chief executive officer of Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund.


Temasek identifies new drivers as portfolio value tops $308 bil

SINGAPORE (July 10): Temasek Holdings is positioning itself to ride six powerful trends, even as it prepares for tougher global market conditions in the year ahead.

Global Markets

Emerging markets have had a good run. But things may get bumpier

TOKYO/KUALA LUMPUR (Apr 17): Emerging markets have weathered this year’s market volatility just fine so far.

Global Markets

Bulls in emerging markets may see its dream run in 2018 but it's going to be a bumpy ride

(Dec 27): Bulls will retain the upper hand in emerging markets next year, though some assets may face a bumpier ride than in 2017.

GSK Consumer Healthcare targets emerging market business growth with new facility

SINGAPORE (Aug 24): GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare today announced the launch of Shopper Science Lab, a research and shopper insight facility, in Singapore.


Aberdeen launches new retail unit trusts in Singapore

SINGAPORE (July 18): Aberdeen Asset Management has announced the launch of five of its funds in Singapore, including its first multi-asset funds in the nation.

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