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Markets brace for the worst as oil politics fuels panic in virus-hit economy

SINGAPORE (Mar 9): Oil prices suffered the greatest price collapse since 1991 after Saudi Arabia ignited a price war with Russia following the latter’s refusal to join production cuts with OPEC. 

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Less intrusive trade agreements today may do more for trade tomorrow

SINGAPORE (Jan 23): Toward the end of the last decade, globalisation – the lowering of barriers to cross-border flows of goods, services, investment, and information – came under severe pressure.

Emerging Markets

What next for emerging markets?

LONDON (Dec 27): When it comes to the outlook for emerging markets in 2020, the bottom line is maddeningly simple: “It’s complicated.” There are a number of reasons for this.

Emerging Markets

Battered emerging market stocks could see a turnaround soon

SINGAPORE (Sept 27): A combination of poor investor sentiment and expectations of continued economic stimulus suggest that battered emerging market equities could soon see a turnaround.

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Recession not yet a worry – for now, says SSGA

SINGAPORE (June 25): Rising US-China trade tensions have heightened fears of a recession, but asset manager State Street Global Advisors remains upbeat on global economic growth – at least for now.

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Why China's rising tide may not lift EM boats

SINGAPORE (May 30): Increased trade tensions at the beginning of May have frayed nerves and, by extension, market returns.

Emerging Markets

Emerging markets debt yields at levels that rival forward expectations for equities in 2019

SINGAPORE (Jan 10): Yields on USD emerging market debts are reaching 7% for major indices, and as emerging markets enter 2019, it is expected to recover from the negative effects of a stronger USD


Apple cuts outlook as Chinese slowdown hits demand for iPhones

(Jan 3): Apple Inc cut its revenue outlook for the first time in almost two decades citing weaker demand in China, triggering a slump for Asian suppliers and a wave of lower price targets on Wall S

Emerging Markets

Bull case for emerging markets has one big caveat

(Nov 29): After a bruising 2018, emerging markets will probably be the place to make quick money next year.

Global Economy

5 major risks that could derail growth in 2019

SINGAPORE (Nov 27): The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has cut its 2019 growth forecasts for the global economy amid heightened geo-political risks on the horizon.

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