Emerging Asian markets

Emerging Asian markets' fundamentals do not justify a de-rating - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Emerging Markets

Emerging Asian markets' fundamentals do not justify a de-rating

Here are four good reasons why emerging Asiais better-positioned today to deal with the likely turbulence in markets than in 2013.

Investing ideas

Emerging Asia offers both shelter and opportunities amid global uncertainty

EM Asia economic recovery is set to outpace that of EM Eastern Europe and EM Latin America.

Global Economy

IMF says Asia faces long recovery slog even as China grows

Among support measures governments and central banks can offer to their economies, the IMF said debt monetization can be an option

Relax, it's not inflation, it's just noise: HSBC

SINGAPORE (Oct 10): There have been odd signs that inflation risks are rising in emerging Asia, according to Frederic Neumann, co-head of Asian economics research for HSBC.


Can emerging Asia remain relatively attractive?

Emerging Asian markets have attracted sizeable fund flows this year and have consequently performed relatively well. This performance was not necessarily the result of strong fundamentals, but more a perception of relative safety offered by these markets