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China has whole towns focused entirely on making electric cars

(June 3): Pieces of an electric car hang from the ceiling of a Chinese real-estate developer’s showroom, evoking an edgy installation at a modern art museum. In reality, they’re a symbol of the nation’s industrial ambitions.

Singapore in talks with more electric car companies after Dyson

SINGAPORE (Apr 22): Following Dyson’s plans late last year to manufacture its first electric car in Singapore, the city-state is now in talks with other makers of green vehicles to set up shop on the island.

Singapore is pitching its connectivity to global markets through free-trade agreements, its high-skilled workforce and stringent protection of intellectual property, which is critical for the industry, according to the government agency set up to attract investments to the country.

GM's downsizing heralds start of electric car revolution

SINGAPORE (Dec 3): In a sweeping transformation to prepare for a future of electric and self-driving cars, General Motors, the world’s top automaker, last week moved to shut down five North American plants, laying off 14,000 people, by the end of next year. The factories to be shuttered not only made internal combustion engine-based passenger cars but also the hybrid Chevy Volt. In their place, GM is adding capacity at plants that will make its pure-battery electric car Chevy Bolt, and throwing more money at Cruise, its driverless car unit, in San Francisco.

The future is now

SINGAPORE (Sept 3): The buzzword these days is “electric vehicles”. From mass market to luxury brands, everyone is talking about the future of mobility and introducing electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. However, BMW is a pioneer in the industry and has been ever since it introduced the BMW i division in 2011. Since then, the company has successfully turned electric vehicles on their head with battery life that can easily last a 200km ride and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that are sustainable, but have a petrol back-up for those with anxiety.

Chinese EV maker NIO takes on Tesla

(Aug 14): NIO Inc., the electric-car maker backed by technology giant Tencent Holdings, filed for a US$1.8 billion ($2.5 billion) initial public offering as it gears up to compete against the likes of Tesla Inc.

The company applied to list its American depositary shares on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NIO, and the US$1.8 billion registration amount is a placeholder to calculate filing fees.

S i2i launches commercial electric vehicle fleet on Uber

SINGAPORE (Sept 19): S i2i has launched its commercial Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet of seven pure electric cars using car hailing services from Uber, according to parent company S Dreams.

The cars were manufactured by Chinese automobile manufacturer BYD Auto, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BYD Company based in Xi’an, China.  

Eight more cars are to join the fleet “soon”, according to S Dreams in a Sunday release.

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Be informed of the stories that matter