electric vehicle (EV)

Budget 2020

All-EV future sparks change in road tax structure

Singapore (Feb 21): There were plenty of immediate buffers but Budget 2020 has also mapped out longer term policy goals for dealing with climate change.

Disruption and Digitalisation

Build our own Dysons

SINGAPORE (Oct 21): Lines formed as early as 4am on Oct 16 at some Sainsbury supermarkets in the UK.

Disruption and Digitalisation

Lithium miners suffer but battery producers safe

SINGAPORE (Oct 21): The replacement of the internal combustion engine with the electric motor makes the lithium-ion battery arguably the most crucial component in an electric vehicle (EV).

Disruption and Digitalisation

Dyson becomes latest sign that electric-car bubble is bursting

(Oct 11): Dyson’s sudden decision to scrap its US$2.5 billion ($3.4 billion) electric-vehicle ambitions is the latest reality check creeping into the once soaring EV industry.

Company in the news

Dyson scraps electric vehicle plans; questions raised over Hi-P's access to 'Customer D' via SEAMCO acquisition

SINGAPORE (Oct 11): Dyson, better known for its vacuum cleaners before unveiling a bold plan to make electric vehicles, has spiked its EV project.


China’s Tesla battles for survival after driving into US$5 bil in losses

(Sept 23): It took Tesla Inc about 15 years to rack up US$5 billion ($6.9 billion) in losses. The company known as China’s Tesla did it in four.


Powering ahead

BMW intends to play a leading role in the electric car market and welcomes competition, says BMW Group Asia managing director Christopher Wehner

China Focus

China has whole towns focused entirely on making electric cars

(June 3): Pieces of an electric car hang from the ceiling of a Chinese real-estate developer’s showroom, evoking an edgy installation at a modern art museum.

Singapore economy

Singapore in talks with more electric car companies after Dyson

SINGAPORE (Apr 22): Following Dyson’s plans late last year to manufacture its first electric car in Singapore, the city-state is now in talks with other makers of green vehicles to set up shop on t


GM's downsizing heralds start of electric car revolution

SINGAPORE (Dec 3): In a sweeping transformation to prepare for a future of electric and self-driving cars, General Motors, the world’s top automaker, last week moved to shut down five North America

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