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3 reasons why investors should look to Vietnam

SINGAPORE (Aug 6): Vietnam is the ultimate Southeast Asian success story.

2013 Penny Stock Crash

More excitement expected as second part of John Soh, Quah Su-Ling trial kicks off in Aug

SINGAPORE (May 31): The trial of John Soh Chee Wen and Quah Su-Ling, the alleged masterminds behind the 2013 penny stock crash, has been adjourned after five consecutive weeks of hearing. But it is expected to get more exciting when the hearing resumes in

2013 Penny Stock Crash

Witnesses say John Soh, Quah Su-Ling directed 2013 stock manipulation trades

SINGAPORE (May 24): After stretching over nearly two months, hearings for the first tranche of witnesses in the trial of alleged 2013 penny stock crash masterminds John Soh Chee Wen and Quah Su-Ling has finally come to an end.

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Jewel might not be enough for Singapore to shine

SINGAPORE (Apr 18): Jewel Changi Airport might be Singapore’s new crowning asset. But observers say the shining jewel could have little actual impact on Singapore’s development as an air hub for the long run.

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Plugging the talent shortfall as 'data scientist' becomes the new sexy

SINGAPORE (Apr 12): Demand for data specialists is outstripping supply across Asia-Pacific, according to a study by the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, as “data scientist” becomes the new hot job.

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PMETs face higher risk of retrenchment, experts say

SINGAPORE (Mar 8): The conventional wisdom that the higher skilled is more employable no longer holds water, says DBS economist Irvin Seah.

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Can Singapore find safe harbour amid choppy waters ahead?

SINGAPORE (Jan 25): Over the last 200 years, Singapore has overcome wars, international political upheavals and economic disasters to become a thriving city state.

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Malaysia likely to remain closely watched in 2019 amid political, economic uncertainty

SINGAPORE (Dec 31): Malaysia’s political scene is looking as unpredictable as its economic outlook, and looks set to keep analysts, investors and news reporters on the edge of their seats in the year ahead.

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Social, economic inequality debate to rage on as fewer citizens live the Singapore Dream

SINGAPORE (Dec 31): Against the backdrop of the lifestyle of the ultra-rich depicted in the 2018 hit movie Crazy Rich Asians, a gaping inequality between the haves and have-nots has been at the centre of a raging conversation in Singapore this past year.

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Is Singapore's meritocracy producing 'perverse' outcomes such as elitism?

SINGAPORE (Nov 2): Conversations about the so-called elite class and elitist attitudes in Singapore have been bubbling for some time. Now, a hard look at Singapore’s focus on meritocracy as the guiding principle of progress could be due.