Central banks find that a tool to curb bubbles is doing the job

SINGAPORE (Dec 4): Central bankers are starting to see promising results from one of the recent additions to their monetary policy toolbox.

Lending curbs to stem financial risk -- so-called macroprudential limits -- have helped slow risky borrowing and temper property price bubbles in countries from New Zealand to Canada, a host of financial stability reports showed this week. While there hasn’t been uniform success -- Hong Kong’s housing market shows no signs of cooling -- it’s given central banks some breathing space to be more gradual in tightening monetary policy.

Western shoppers are fueling a revival for made-in-Asia goods

HONG KONG / NEW DELHI (May 9): Sanjay Janghala walks across a humming factory floor as 400 employees of Orient Craft Ltd. stitch together women’s blouses and embroidered dresses.

"That’s for Ann Taylor, that’s for Gap," said Janghala, the factory head, before stopping to pick up a white dress. "This is for J. Crew. This is all value added. This is all cut by hand."

These economies are seen improving dramatically this year

BA Argentina

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON(MARCH 21): Expect more good news than bad when it comes to global growth this year, led by recoveries in several of Latin America’s largest economies, a pickup in the US, and continued robustness from China and India.

Hong Kong-Singapore stars fade with boom-to-gloom in finance

(June 22): Asia’s financial-hub twins, Hong Kong and Singapore, are facing increasing brakes on growth even before potential turmoil from a Brexit vote in their ex-colonial master, with China’s slowdown and the continuing shrinkage of the financial industry striking both.

Hong Kong’s economy unexpectedly contracted in the first quarter, weighed down by falling retail sales and the weakest property market in 25 years. Singapore eked out only a modest expansion in the same period, hurt by weak exports and a downturn in financial services.

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Be informed of the stories that matter