economic stimulus

Financially Savvy

Why stagflation is back on some traders’ radars

A term of old seems to be making a return: stagflation. Find out why.

Global review

Will Covid-19 spell the end of Asia's family businesses?

Things will get worse for these family businesses as bank and government support is slowly withdrawn.

US Economy

Mnuchin pitches new US$916 bil stimulus package to Pelosi

The Mnuchin plan includes stimulus checks, something that members of both sides of the aisle have favoured.

Tong's Portfolio

Malaysia can finance the stimulus to protect and boost productive capacities

But these are not ordinary times. Even a hugely expansionary budget will not be out of sync with the rest of the world.

US Economy

Partisan squabbling in US senate puts economic stimulus into jeopardy

Odds for a pre-election package are dimming as the parties cannot agree on how large the package should be.


Markets maintain confidence in Indonesia's unorthodox direct financing scheme for now

BNP Paribas warns however that a material increase in the use of such policies in EMs could see considerable currency weakness.

Singapore economy

Singapore to be among the last in the region to return to pre-virus GDP levels: Morgan Stanley

While China will arguably lead the pack with a recovery by 3Q2020, economist Deyi Tan says export-oriented economies such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia are likely to take until 1Q2021 to recover.

China Focus

The coronavirus is China's chance to weaken the liberal order

Assuming the coronavirus ends up hitting the world’s democracies as hard as many predict, it could deal another staggering blow to the US and the international order it leads.

Global Economy


Here's what to look out for in the global economy this week.


Singapore weighs tapping reserves for virus fight in rare move

It would be the first such move to bankroll economic stimulus since 2009, when the global financial crisis rocked the Asian financial hub, although reserves are used selectively for land acquisitions.