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The coronavirus is China's chance to weaken the liberal order

(Mar 20): As markets gyrate and the world faces the possibility of a punishing recession, comparisons to the last global economic crisis are inevitable.

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Quoteworthy:“If our public health is at stake and our people’s welfare affected, we need to do the necessary.” — President Halimah Yacob, on the possibility of tapping past reserves to provide supp


Singapore weighs tapping reserves for virus fight in rare move

SINGAPORE (Mar 12): Singapore is considering tapping its national reserves to fund a second economic package to weather the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on businesses and workers, the city-st

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Asian governments step up stimulus as economic growth stalls

(Dec 6): Asian governments are starting to do their bit to revive economic growth as central banks gradually pull back on monetary policy easing.

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No need yet for economic stimulus, PM says, as Singapore looks to infrastructure for the future

SINGAPORE (Aug 19): Even as Singapore teeters on the edge of a technical recession, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says there’s no need yet for immediate economic stimulus measures.

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