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From bipolarisation to bifurcation - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


From bipolarisation to bifurcation

“We need a new capitalism — a more fair, a more just and a more equitable capitalism,” says Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.
Trickle-down economics does not work, says economists - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Economic outlook 2021

Trickle-down economics does not work, say economists

LSE economist says that policymakers should not fear that taxes on the rich to fund Covid-19 recovery will hurt their economies.
Should investors fear a 'leftward' tilt in policies? - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Should investors fear a 'leftward' tilt in policies?

Major crises shake up existing policy frameworks. Asian governments will need to usher in new ones to stay ahead of the curve.

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Singapore at 55: How to deal with growing angst?

As Singapore commemorates its 55th National Day, it is not the most auspicious of times. The nation confronts multiple challenges outside its control such as the pandemic and geo-political tensions. And, it has to face up to these forces when there are al


If wealth is justified, so is a wealth tax

(Dec 13): Economic inequality has moved to the top of the political agenda in many countries, including free-market poster children such as the US and the UK. The issue is mobilising the left and causing headaches on the right, where wealth has long been

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Mind the gap

SINGAPORE (Jan 25): In July 2018, The Edge Singapore published a special report on CEO remuneration, which detailed the pay packets of CEOs in Singapore-listed companies.