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Global Economy

Equity markets recover, but growth subdued by coronavirus

SINGAPORE (Feb 7): In spite of the novel coronavirus contagion, which continues to spread and claim lives, equity markets are starting to recover.

Emerging Markets

How developing countries create industrial champions

SINGAPORE (Jan 23): For many firms in emerging and developing economies, emulating the successes of Samsung and Hyundai may seem like an impossible dream.

Global Economy

More than half of CEOs see global growth slowing this year

(Jan 21): The proportion of chief executive officers expecting global growth to slow in the coming year has risen 10-fold since 2018, according to a survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers.


Tech firms' turn to face regulatory mountain and consumers' ire; financial firms to outperform

SINGAPORE (Dec 27): The rapid growth of the technology sector, led by the FANG (Facebook,, Netflix and Alphabet’s Goog

Singapore economy

Pickup in Singapore's economy will come with hiccups, says AMRO

SINGAPORE (Dec 19): Singapore’s economy is set to pick up gradually from the sharp downturn it faced this year, in spite of the inherent weakness in the global economy, say economists at the ASEAN+

Singapore economy

Recovery in services sector could pave way for rosier economy in 2020: DBS

SINGAPORE (Dec 17): Singapore’s bottoming economy is set to have tepid recovery boosted by a revival of the services sector in 2020, analysts at DBS say.

Global Economy


SINGAPORE (Nov 4): “Being obsessed with the movement of some money and people to Singapore — and ignoring the movement of people and money elsewhere to [the US], Canada, Australia, the UK,

Singapore economy

Singapore 'lucky' if growth is positive in 2019, PM Lee says

(Oct 17): Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Singapore will be “lucky” to see positive economic growth in 2019, casting a dark tone over the nation’s outlook as exports continue to slump.

China Focus

China's changing trade and market opportunities

(Aug 5): China’s economic growth slowed to 6.2% in the second quarter, making it the weakest pace in 27 years.

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