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James Dyson's firm moves 1.3 billion pounds to his family office

The Dyson family is, in effect, diversifying its interests
Billionaire James Dyson signals return to UK from Singapore - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Billionaire James Dyson signals return to UK from Singapore

Dyson, a Brexit supporter, faced criticism from U.K. lawmakers for relocating his company.

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Dyson to add 250 more engineers to its Singapore team as part of investment plan

Dyson plans to hire 450 people globally, with more than half the recruits in its headquarters in Singapore.

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Billionaire Dyson shrugs off ill-fated EV foray with profit rise, pushes ahead in Singapore

Dyson previously said it intends to hire more than 2,000 people in Southeast Asia but said in July it will cut 900 jobs globally.

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Build our own Dysons

SINGAPORE (Oct 21): Lines formed as early as 4am on Oct 16 at some Sainsbury supermarkets in the UK. Shoppers were there to grab hold of heavily discounted Dyson products, which typically sell at premium prices. The Dyson V6 Trigger, for example, was pric

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Pause, recharge, drive on

Does Dyson’s abrupt termination of its electric car project spell the end of a subsidy-driven boom and is it time for real economics to drive the market forward?

Disruption and Digitalisation

Dyson becomes latest sign that electric-car bubble is bursting

(Oct 11): Dyson’s sudden decision to scrap its US$2.5 billion ($3.4 billion) electric-vehicle ambitions is the latest reality check creeping into the once soaring EV industry.

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Dyson scraps electric vehicle plans; questions raised over Hi-P's access to 'Customer D' via SEAMCO acquisition

SINGAPORE (Oct 11): Dyson, better known for its vacuum cleaners before unveiling a bold plan to make electric vehicles, has spiked its EV project.

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Dyson plans to add more than 2,000 jobs in Southeast Asia

(Sept 20): Appliance maker Dyson is hiring more than 2,000 people across Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines over the next four years, following its decision to relocate its head office to Southeast Asia.

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Trade war spurs recession risk in Singapore

SINGAPORE (July 25): The US-China trade war is threatening to drag export-reliant Singapore into a recession and aggravating underlying risks facing the former tiger economy.