SINGAPORE (July 15): “Just imagine Churchill allowing this humiliating, servile, sycophantic indulgence of the American president’s ego to go unchallenged.”British opposition Labour Party’s shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry. She was criticising Boris Johnson, widely expected to become the next UK prime minister, for not supporting Kim Darroch, until recently the UK’s ambassador to the US, who had described US President Donald Trump in diplomatic cables as ‘inept’ .


Dyson CEO Rowan says Singapore 'natural choice' for HQ

SINGAPORE (July 9): Choosing Singapore as the location for Dyson’s headquarters was a natural choice, according to chief executive officer Jim Rowan.

“It made sense for us to have the epicentre of the business closer to where the manufacturing, final stage of product design, supply chain, and sales growth [are],” says Rowan.

The island republic already plays host to Dyson’s digital motor manufacturing facility and Singapore technology centre.


SINGAPORE (May 13): “I have waited my entire career to trade a stock like this, and to open an IPO like Uber.”Pete Giacchi, senior trader at Citadel Securities. Uber is set to start trading on May 10.

MAS shifts $45 billion of reserves to GIC in unusual, publicised move


Singapore in talks with more electric car companies after Dyson

SINGAPORE (Apr 22): Following Dyson’s plans late last year to manufacture its first electric car in Singapore, the city-state is now in talks with other makers of green vehicles to set up shop on the island.

Singapore is pitching its connectivity to global markets through free-trade agreements, its high-skilled workforce and stringent protection of intellectual property, which is critical for the industry, according to the government agency set up to attract investments to the country.

Dyson moves HQ to Singapore as Asia fuels electric car dream

SINGAPORE (Jan 23): The billionaire inventor James Dyson, an ardent backer of Brexit, has decided to relocate his company’s head office to Singapore in a blow to the UK government.

Dyson has mushroomed in recent years, driven by a growing customer base in Asia. Known for vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, the firm has expanded into air purifiers and hair-care products, and embarked on a costly project to build an electric car by 2021.

Brexit sucks the air out of Dyson's Singapore move

(Jan 23): Vacuum billionaire James Dyson’s decision to move the headquarters of his eponymous firm from an English market town to the bustle of Singapore will inevitably be seen as a verdict on Brexit – whatever the company says to the contrary.

Dyson parks first electric car facility in world's most expensive place to own a car

SINGAPORE (Oct 29): In his Facebook post about British company Dyson’s decision to set up an electric car manufacturing facility in Singapore, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong wrote that when he met inventor James Dyson last month, James told him that it was Singapore’s expertise in advanced manufacturing, global connectivity and talented workforce that helped him make up his mind. In fact, Singapore used to assemble cars, up to the 1980s, Lee said. “Now, we will manufacture cars again, except this time, greener, better and more high tech!”

Dyson to open first electric car plant in Singapore

SINGAPORE (Oct 23): Dyson has chosen Singapore as the location to build its first advanced automotive manufacturing facility.

The bespoke two-storey building is expected to be completed in 2020.

See: How about an all-electric car-lite Singapore?

NTU jointly launches Dyson's first on-campus engineering studio in Asia for aspiring technopreneurs

SINGAPORE (Aug 27): Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Dyson have jointly launched the Dyson-NTU Studio, an engineering studio that offers a semester-long undergraduate course module to NTU engineering students.  

Known as the Product Development Challenge module, the course will be guided by NTU professors and Dyson engineers, and is due to commence this academic year. It will see up to 20 students enroll each semester.

Sir James Dyson attempts to slay the global air pollution demon with his very own EV

SINGAPORE (Sept 27): Vacuum cleaners with endless suction power, fans without blades, hair dryers that do not overheat ... and now battery electric vehicle?

Yes, Sir James Dyson has just confirmed via a Facebook post that the company is working on a battery electric vehicle, due to be launched by 2020.

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Be informed of the stories that matter