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In abrupt U-turn, Trump warns US Covid-19 death toll could surpass 100,000

(Mar 30): President Donald Trump abruptly abandoned his ambition to return American life to normal by Easter, heeding advice from the government’s top doctors that re-opening the US economy in two


Trump’s error-laden 'foreign virus' speech spooks investors

(Mar 13): The America First presidency collided with a global pandemic on the evening of March 11. The result did not appear to reassure skittish markets or a nervous nation.

US politics

Who can beat Trump?

(Feb 28): The US presidential election in November is the most consequential in modern history.

US Presidential Race

Wall Street Can’t Burn Bernie

NEW YORK (Feb 26): The narcissism and Panglossian cluelessness of the Wall Street elite is a marvel to behold.


White House admits Trump trade stance did depress economy

(Feb 21): The White House acknowledged what many economists considered obvious through much of last year: President Donald Trump’s trade stance depressed economic growth and business investment.

Disruption and Digitalisation

Huawei dodges blanket 5G ban as EU defies Trump

(Jan 30): The European Union stopped short of an outright ban on Huawei Technologies Co and other Chinese 5G suppliers, seeking to navigate a path between warnings from US President Donald Trump an

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Tweeting UP the market

SINGAPORE (Jan 10): US President Donald Trump is a prolific tweeter. That much we already know.


Top Iranian commander killed in US airstrike on Trump orders

(Jan 3): A US airstrike in Iraq ordered by President Donald Trump killed one of Iran’s most powerful generals in a provocation that risks escalating a growing conflict with the Islamic Republic.


Influential People

SINGAPORE (DEC 27): These individuals left their impact on the world in 2019.

Joseph Schooling

US Presidential Race

Michael Bloomberg joins crowded 2020 Democratic field

(Nov 24): Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced he is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, offering his own mix of moderate policy stances and experience in business, gov

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