Diversity and inclusion (D&I)

Flexible working should be a business rather than gender issue, says Hays

SINGAPORE (May 29): Offering flexible working hours is key to improving a company’s diversity and inclusion (D&I) effectiveness – not as a “female friendly” policy just for the benefit of working mothers, but simply a “family friendly” one.

This is according to professional recruiting group Hays plc, who says flexible working is a “highly effective tool” to achieving better diversity, and that it should be implemented early in the recruitment stage.

Singapore could be the first to close the gender pay gap. Here’s how

SINGAPORE (April 6): According to Accenture’s research conducted in 2016, the average woman in Singapore draws US$100 ($140) in salary for every US$130 earned by a man, US$40 lower than the global average of US$140.

To further add to the imbalance, the global management consulting and professional services company reveals that women (50%) are much less likely to than men (76%) to have paid work.

But all of that may be about to change.  

Does your company have this key business strategy in place?

SINGAPORE (Nov 22): As both a woman and a person of colour, Erika Irish Brown spent over 15 years of her career in the financial sector feeling fortunate to have been given what she saw as equal opportunities as everyone else in the US.

Her first stint at Wall Street was incidentally via a minority internship programme in 1990.

“I was among a group of four ‘minority interns’. At the time, words like ‘diversity’ weren’t really a concept yet. If you were talking about diversity, I’d assume you were referring to asset classes and portfolios,” she laughs.

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