Accountants need to be agile to navigate Industry 4.0, says ACCA

SINGAPORE (May 27): When the broader business environment changes, long-held norms and skills need to be relooked. There will be casualties, but there will be opportunities as well. Industry associations for professionals, such as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Singapore, are playing their part in urging and guiding members along so that they can help bring about positive change in their organisations and clients, instead of becoming victims of “disruption”.


Singapore's millennials are quickly losing faith in the world around them, suggests Deloitte survey

SINGAPORE (May 21): Be it their general world views or personal career situations, Singapore’s millennials are becoming increasingly jaded when compared to a year ago as well as to their global peers.

This is according to Deloitte’s Global Millennial Survey results for 2019, which is based on the views of 13,416 millennials across 42 countries.  

Out of the 200 respondents surveyed in Singapore, just 16% said they believe their country’s economic outlook will improve over the next 12 months – versus 56% a year ago and the global 2019 average of 26%.

Here's how Singapore's organisations can retain their top talent

SINGAPORE (Feb 27): Fostering human connections is a significant factor in retaining employees who value job security, especially in Singapore.

This is according to Mercer’s 2019 Global Talent Trends study, which surveys over 7,300 senior business executives, human resources (HR) leaders and employees from nine key industries across 16 geographies around the world.

What the near future holds for global fintech firms & investors: McKinsey

SINGAPORE (Dec 18): With financial technology (fintech) evolving considerably over the last few years, fintech investors will have to be increasingly selective in deploying their capital as some sectors and companies approach a “possible endgame”, suggests a new report by McKinsey & Company.

In its paper, Synergy and disruption: Ten trends shaping fintech, McKinsey postulates that various categories of fintechs will eventually either join forces or end up competing directly with each other as they mature.

How events like Huawei CFO's arrest affect financial markets

SINGAPORE (Dec 14): By mid-2018, it was shaping up to be the most volatile year for global markets since 2008.

Company share prices have fluctuated in the wake of news flow that was not even strictly corporate; geopolitical-risk events have prompted investors to reassess the value of their holdings. 

On the other hand, corporate events have also turned political: Huawei Technologies’ expansion plans are apparently not sitting well with Western governments, and there seem to have been tit-for-tat arrests between China and Canada.

US-China trade war winner to emerge as early as 2020, negative effects to dominate for now: The EIU

SINGAPORE (Nov 1): Supply chain shifts in Asia resulting from the growing US-China trade conflict could stand to benefit a number of countries in the region, suggests a new report from The Economist Intelligence Unit (The EIU).

Risk management integration & disruption crucial to digital transformation projects: EY poll

SINGAPORE (Sept 21): Risk professionals are essential for building trust and confidence when implementing emerging technology and digital transformation projects, suggests the findings of a recent EY poll.

Out of the 1,200 participants who attended the recent webcast entitled How can you turn digital risk into a source of competitive advantage?, 59% said the integration of risk professionals in transformation projects is essential in building trust and confidence.

Temasek gains more relevance as it pursues emerging, disruptive trends

SINGAPORE (July 16): During the early years of this newspaper, I rarely made space in our pages for Temasek Holdings. While we actively covered the many public-listed companies in which it held major stakes, doing a story on Temasek itself seemed to be more trouble than it was worth. A former colleague once demanded to know why I would not make a page available for the state-owned investment company run by the wife of Singapore’s prime minister. I remember thinking to myself that his question was precisely the problem.

Call it 'disruption' and not a 'financial crisis', says former Fed chair Yellen of ongoing global uncertainties

PARIS (June 29): Contrary to popular opinion, Janet L. Yellen does not see an impending financial crisis from the escalating trade tensions between the US and China, higher current asset valuations and volatility from diverging monetary policies.

In fact, the former US Federal Reserve chair thinks the current financial system is strong enough to withstand any shocks.

“I believe we are somewhat in better position to cope [with a financial crisis]. When you say financial crisis, let me say disruption,” she tells participants at the Amundi World Investment Forum 2018.

How the global consumer landscape is set to change over the next 2-3 years: KPMG

SINGAPORE (June 14): By 2020, the consumer and retail industry landscape is likely to see an emergence of new business models, fewer physical stores, and more companies distributing their products through owned channels.

Such trends are suggested by the findings of KPMG International’s sixth edition of the Global Consumer Executive Top of Mind survey, which was conducted in partnership ith The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and released in conjunction with the annual CGF Global Summit, which is held in Singapore from June 12-15 this year.

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