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Let’s not sell ourselves short

SINGAPORE (Jan 21): Why do I say this? There has been much talk and discussion about how New Malaysia should move forward from hereon. We know that government finances are stretched and, therefore, can no longer prop up the economy with huge spending. We also know that the people are struggling, with sluggish income growth and rising cost of living. Therefore, we cannot expect a big boost from consumer spending either. Case in point: Retailers are having a tough time and sales for big-ticket items such as cars and homes are slow.


Japan leads Asia-Pacific peers in embracing digital era of finance

SINGAPORE (Feb 27): While 87% of investment providers in Asia Pacific agree that digital transformation is important for the future of their organisation, few of them are on track to become digital leaders in their fields, according to a recent report published by State Street Corporation.

Legacy IT and rigid infrastructure main barriers to innovation: Telstra study

SINGAPORE (Sept 22): A global report released by Telstra on Thursday highlighted the major hurdles of legacy IT and rigid infrastructure to companies’ digital transformation.

The survey was conducted in eight countries, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Philippines, India, US and UK with over 1,000 respondents. There were 100 respondents from Singapore alone.

What drives dealmakers in global telecommunications?

Telecomms tower

SINGAPORE (July 12): According to EY’s 14th biannual Telecommunications Global Capital Confidence Barometer report, 27% of global telco sector executives surveyed believe digitisation is the greatest disruptor to their core businesses.

Yet the risks resulting from digital disruption, along with changing consumer preferences, appear to be main drivers of steering the global telecommunications sector forward as executives are led to consider deals in adjacent and cross-sector markets.

Be informed of the stories that matter


Be informed of the stories that matter