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Digitalisation of banks: the rise of rule-bound innovators  - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Digitalisation of banks: the rise of rule-bound innovators

As FinTechs challenge banks' turf, banks are riposting with innovation, taking the fight to challengers across the region
Recent dip an opportunity to buy this credit data provider - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

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Credit Bureau Asia: Recent dip an opportunity to buy this credit data provider

CBA, which provides credit and risk information, could make an interesting addition to one’s portfolio.
An uphill test - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Positioning for the recovery

An uphill test

Incumbents are ready to give Singapore’s new digital-only banks a tough fight, but the real prize lies in Asean

Global review

Digital banking licences to pave the way for transformation

Having digital banking licenses in the near future is the latest signal in an industry primed for change

Banking & finance

Aspiring digital banks looking to break into APAC may find prospects dampened by Covid-19, says Fitch Ratings

While some digital banks in the APAC region have turned profitable such as Tencent-backed WeBank in China and the eponymous KakaoBank in Korea, most digital-only lenders’ risk frameworks and business models have not been tested through the economic cycle.

Banking & finance

Changing needs and Covid-19 driving banks to raise their game

It has been more than 20 years since Singapore liberalised its financial sector. In the past five years, the focus has been on financial services going digital as part of a Smart Nation initiative. Last year, the Monetary Authority of

Disruption and Digitalisation

Digital banks are coming and 65% of Singaporeans are already showing interest

Digital banks are coming and Singaporeans seem to be excited for it.

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UOB digital bank focuses on TMRW's customers

In a recent interview, Dennis Khoo, regional head of TMRW digital group at United Overseas Bank (UOB), compared banks — including digital banks — to a car. What you see are the steering wheel, car seats, wheels, rims. But the engine is hidden.

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Lower loan and earnings growth as banks navigate 2020; dividends to be maintained

According to analysts polled by Bloomb­erg, DBS Group Holdings is likely to report the highest growth in prof­it after tax (NPAT) for FY2019 end­ed Dec 31, 2019, of 12.3% (see table 1). Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp is likely to report a 6.1% rise in NP

Disruption and Digitalisation

Hong Kong's first digital bank offers 6% rate that dwarfs HSBC's

(Jan 12): The first of Hong Kong’s new generation of digital banks has announced its arrival with a 6% introductory rate for deposits.