Derwin Pereira


Taiwan does not need war

No matter who wins that war, the Taiwanese would not


Opportunity for Anwar to burnish his credentials

The BNS saga could turn out very well for Malaysia


Cambodia's new world

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has become almost the sole voice of the Cambodian people on the international stage
The Thailand behind the latest news - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


The Thailand behind the latest news

The political challenge for Thailand is to recognize the aspirations of the young

Aviation & Engineering

Singapore icon of the changing skies

In every way, SIA became a microcosm of Singapore.

SE Asian economies

Indonesia consolidates its place in Asia

The coming presidential election will offer its citizens an opportunity to demonstrate their fealty to the idea of Indonesia
Ukraine war: The implications for Asia - THE EDGE SINGAPORE


Ukraine war: The implications for Asia

The stalemated Ukraine war has bought time for Asia.


Prospects of the Anwar moment in Malaysia

Anwar is the man of the moment in Malaysia. The times need him as much as he needs them.