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Inflation and deflation: The double-edged sword in economic dynamics

Inflation and deflation are the dual forces shaping our financial landscape

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Deflation is dead ... long live inflation, again

To be clear, we do not think there will be runaway inflation since there remains plenty of slack in the economy, including high unemployment, in the aftermath of the pandemic.


Despite deflation fears, BOJ holds off stronger measures to save struggling firms

Despite seeing monetary policy easing in March and April promoting economic recovery, the bank fears the impact of a second wave.


The worrying absence of inflation

SINGAPORE (July 28): The years 2002 to 2016 saw unusual shocks and stresses. In the early 2000s, liquidity growth was excessive as the US central bank responded to the bursting of the tech bubble by aggressively cutting interest rates — and then taking

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3 paper tigers of global recession fears

SINGAPORE (May 23): Bank of Singapore (BoS) is maintaining its neutral stance on US and European equities with a focus on rotation and carry themes, while recommending exiting technology and taking exposure in financials in the case of equities.
China property

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China's moves to cool property prices may be working

SHANGHAI (Nov 7): The push by China’s policy makers to rein in property bubbles looks to be getting traction, according to early indicators from the nation’s biggest cities.


4 macro surprises that could drive financial markets

SINGAPORE (Aug 22): As markets shook off recent shocks, investors pushed valuations up so much that equities and bonds seemed to be priced to perfection, leaving little room for error.