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Malaysia can finance the stimulus to protect and boost productive capacities

But these are not ordinary times. Even a hugely expansionary budget will not be out of sync with the rest of the world.

Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets hit a Covid wall

The Covid-19 pandemic and the retreat of globalisation have widened the financial fortunes between developed and emerging economies. Does it mean the end of an era of supercharged catch-up growth for EMs?


Should governments spend away?

Advanced economies have already spent enormous amounts providing Covid-19 pandemic relief to households and small- and medium-size businesses. The International Monetary Fund’s June outlook estimates that, including fiscal measures and credit guarantees

Debt and defaults

The debt predators

What do the Calabrian organised crime syndicate ‘Ndrangheta, Hertz Global Holdings Inc, China’s Sichuan Trust, and the US Federal Reserve have in common? They are all deeply entangled in a financial system that has turned credit intermediation into a

We are fighting deflation, not causing inflation ...yet

In response to the uncertainty, consumers have cut spending and increased savings, businesses are slashing prices, and wages are under pressure. Deflationary pressures are all around.

Debt and defaults

What are the lessons from the Hyflux haircut?

(Dec 20): In the 1970s, long-haired visitors to Singapore were required to cut their hair on arrival as unkempt locks were linked to hippie culture.

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Masayoshi Son's bankers are worried about their favourite client

(Dec 16): Masayoshi Son’s Japanese bankers are taking a hard look at their most important client.

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ThaiBev gears up to fund growth, debt level seen as manageable

SINGAPORE (Apr 15): Thai Beverage has spent the past few years on an $8 billion acquisition spree, as it expanded beyond its home market and into other Southeast Asian markets. It bought a 53.59% stake in Saigon Beer Alcohol Beverage Corp (Sabeco), Viet