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DBS becomes first bank in Southeast Asia to adopt Equator Principles

SINGAPORE (Nov 18): DBS has become the first bank in Singapore and Southeast Asia to adopt the Equator Principles, which will see it go the extra mile in disclosing information related to large-scale developments that it is involved in.

This is a step further than the due diligence processes the bank already adheres to when assessing large project financing deals.

The Equator Principles is a globally recognised risk management framework adopted by financial institutions for determining, assessing and managing environment and social risk in development projects.

DBS works with healthcare clusters to roll out SGQR in all public hospitals, specialty centres and polyclinics by end 2020

SINGAPORE (Nov 11): From Nov 11, consumers at 27 public hospitals, specialty centres and polyclinics across Singapore can pay for their bills through the Singapore Quick Response Code (SGQR).

This is the first phase of the move to transition all public hospitals, specialty centres and polyclinics to the nation’s unified payment code by end 2020.

DBS Bank is working with Singapore’s three public healthcare clusters – the National Healthcare Group (NHG), National University Health System (NUHS) and Singapore Health Services (SingHealth) – on the payment infrastructure.

DBS launches zero-cost business toolkit to attract high-growth startups

SINGAPORE (Nov 4): DBS Bank has rolled out a zero-cost business toolkit that comprises a suite of banking and professional services for high-growth startups in the software, Internet and emerging technology industries

According to DBS, the  “DBS Startup Unleashed” toolkit comes on the back of venture investors putting some $13.4 billion into Singapore-based startups over the course of the first nine months of the year. 

DBS CEO Piyush Gupta named among world’s top 100 best-performing CEOS

SINGAPORE (Oct 29): Piyush Gupta, the chief executive officer of DBS Bank, has become the first Singapore CEO to been named among the top 100 best-performing CEOS by the Harvard Business Review (HBR).

Gupta joins Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon, Disney’s Robert Iger and Tencent’s Ma Huateng in the 2019 edition of “The CEO 100”, which saw Nvidia’s Jensen Huang taking the top spot.

The ranking is based “not only on financial performance but also on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings,” according to HBR.

Sustainable fashion is not fashionable yet: DBS survey

SINGAPORE (Oct 23): The fast fashion industry has been blamed for creating copious mountains of discarded clothes, thereby contributing to the sap on the world’s resources and adding to the strain on the environment and fuelling climate change.

While consumers are conscious of the impact their rapid changes in fashion tastes have on their environment, the majority here in Singapore are not doing their part to limit the damage, according to a survey by DBS.

Market observers aren't panicking just yet despite increasing risks to global economy, says DBS

SINGAPORE (Oct 21): Despite a deteriorating global economic outlook, market observers are not panicking yet owing to the possibility that growth could still find support from several drivers.

These include low interest rates, “some sort of a trade deal”, bottoming of electronics demand, and the “revival” of a few large emerging market economies, says Taimur Baig, chief economist at DBS Bank.

On Oct 18, China announced third quarter GDP of just 6%, its slowest growth in almost three decades as factor production and investment sentiment were hit by the trade war.

DBS launches digital solutions package to help drive SMEs in logistics sector

SINGAPORE (Oct 9): Ken Koh, the group CEO of Singapore-based logistics firm Yang Kee Logistics, knows the challenges of expanding overseas.

Set up in 1990, the company currently has a presence in 12 markets and is looking to further grow its footprint in the region.

However, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the logistics space often face a number of speed bumps in their expansion plans.

DBS to combine digital banking with physical presence, CEO says

SINGAPORE (Sept 5): For Southeast Asia’s largest bank, going digital doesn’t mean tearing down all the bricks and mortar.

“In addition to a fundamentally digital presence, we are beginning to figure you need some points of presence for the time being to create brand credibility and to service the last mile,” DBS Group Holdings Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Piyush Gupta said Thursday.

DBS launches hybrid human-robo investment solution for retail customers

SINGAPORE (Sept 2): DBS Bank has launched DBS digiPortfolio – a hybrid human-robo investment solution that allows retail investors to tap on investment strategies from the bank’s wealth management team.

According to DBS, the one-stop portfolio solution combines the expertise of DBS’ Wealth Management investment strategists and the efficiency of robo technology, and can be purchased by customers with no prior investment experience.

Government, businesses lead the way but all must contribute to environmental sustainability: Masagos

SINGAPORE (Aug 27): Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli says Singapore must work together to help mitigate climate change, even as the country explores solutions to adapt to "a new normal".

“Even as we discuss what the government and businesses can do to reduce waste, we must recognise the need for all sectors of society to contribute to our journey towards zero waste and environmental sustainability,” Masagos says at the Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards (SEAA) on Tuesday.

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