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John Soh-linked ISR Capital gets nod for Tantalum deal, but further hurdles remain

SINGAPORE (Nov 5): For more than two years, ISR Capital has attracted intense scrutiny from regulators and unflattering media headlines in its bid to acquire a stake in a rare-earth mining asset in Madagascar. Following the go-ahead from the Singapore Exc


Shareholders approve ISR Capital's bid to acquire Madagascar rare earth asset

SINGAPORE (Oct 30): After two years fraught with controversy, ISR Capital has finally received the shareholder approval to acquire a rare earth mining asset in Madagascar for $3 million. The deal is worth less than a tenth of the $40 million figure first

2013 Penny Stock Crash

ISR Capital's former executive director David Rigoll ceases to be substantial shareholder

SINGAPORE (Nov 21): ISR Capital’s former executive director of David Rigoll has ceased to be a substantial shareholder in the company, reducing his direct interest to 3.24% from 16.85% in two transactions.

2013 Penny Stock Crash

Chairman Chen Tong says ISR Capital to push ahead with Madagascar acquisition

SINGAPORE (April 28): ISR Capital is going ahead with its planned acquisition of a rare earth concession in Madagascar today, says executive chairman Chen Tong at the company’s annual general meeting held earlier this morning.

2013 Penny Stock Crash

ISR’s third largest shareholder Ooi pares down stake again

SINGAPORE (April 4): ISR Capital’s third largest shareholder Ooi Wooi Jing has cut down his stake in the company yet again.

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Rigoll’s gone, but ISR Capital still pressing ahead with Madagascar mining acquisition

SINGAPORE (March 31): ISR Capital may have fallen out with its largest shareholder, David Rigoll, but it is still on track to acquiring a major stake in a rare earths mining concession in Madagascar that was once owned by a company Rigoll led.

2013 Penny Stock Crash

Another substantial ISR shareholder pares stake; Is stock caught in death spiral bond?

SINGAPORE (March 27): Ooi Wooi Jing, another significant shareholder of ISR Capital has started selling shares in the troubled company, which has seen its stock price drop by more than 96% since it resumed trading on March 6 following an SGX-imposed suspe

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ISR shares surge, even as Rigoll sells

SINGAPORE (March 11): ISR Capital shares are up today on heavy volume, despite news that largest shareholder David Rigoll has continued to dump his shares, flouting an agreement with the company.

2013 Penny Stock Crash

Rare earth dealmaker Rigoll quits ISR; starts unloading shares

SINGAPORE (March 9): ISR Capital, under stress for links to penny stock saga mastermind John Soh Chee Wen, has lurched into yet another wave of troubles.

Second independent director quits ISR Capital

SINGAPORE (Dec 5): ISR Capital has announced the resignation of its second independent director in less than a week.