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Data talent crunch

Forget investment banking. ‘Data scientist’ is the new hot job, and you will be vying with a lot fewer people for a position... for now. 


Plugging the talent shortfall as 'data scientist' becomes the new sexy

SINGAPORE (Apr 12): Demand for data specialists is outstripping supply across Asia-Pacific, according to a study by the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, as “data scientist” becomes the new hot job.

Yet, the turnover of data professionals tends to be relatively high.

These professionals stay in the job for an average of 1½ to two years, adding to the challenge of an already limited pool of talent.

And to exacerbate the data talent crunch, the role and requirements of data scientists are constantly evolving.

How the next step in literacy can make Singapore a Smart Nation

SINGAPORE (Sept 7): Hundreds of years ago, literacy was rare. The invention of the printing press resulted in more people reading as printed materials became available to a bigger part of the population. However, it wasn’t until books became widely available that literacy became widespread.

Top emerging jobs in Singapore for 2018: LinkedIn

SINGAPORE (Sept 6): Demand for digital competency is high, but so are soft skills, according to the 2018 Emerging Jobs in Singapore Report by LinkedIn.

The report shows that the jobs that require hybrid skills are high in demand, which can help local organisations navigate their digital transformation journey.

According to LinkedIn, the top five emerging jobs for 2018 are:


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